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Custom software and software component development, consultation


Custom Software Development
Custom Software Development
Developing custom software for your needs.
Software Component Development
Software Component Development
Developing software component (library) for your needs.
Consulting on Existing Project
Consulting on Existing Project
Requirements engineering, designing, making concept/specification, implementing, reviews, testing.
Design/Review Cryptographical Protocol
Design Cryptographical Protocol
Design new crypto related application level protocol or review existing protocol.


Modern C++
Fast, portable code with modern C++ for mobile, desktop, and server
Qml for portable GUI on mobile and desktop.
Secure application level protocols, encryption, digital signatures
React & React Native
Modern web and mobile development


We are a Finnish software company focusing on custom software and software component development using modern C++. Involved in standardisation of C++ (JTC1/SC22/WG21)

Secure Path Oy

Finnish Business ID: 2772417-2
Helsinki, Finland